If you find yourself having difficulties with your finances and you need professional assistance, it’s a good idea to hire a professional tax accountant. Being financial experts, tax accountants have profound knowledge about government rules and regulations which determine monetary debt owed to the federal, state and local agencies. These professionals also provide valuable advice to clients, informing them about tax laws, assisting when legal disputes may arise and managing assets to prevent high tax penalties.

A suburb of Sydney, Australia, Stanhope Gardens is home to a number of tax accountants. In order to know how they charge, first, you need to understand what they do.

What Tax Accountants of Stanhope Gardens Do

Tax accountant Stanhope Gardens, as well as others around the world, have vast knowledge about Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax codes. They work with enterprises and individuals to report financial data to the government. Stanhope Gardens tax accountants can also help their clients develop a profitable tax planning strategy. They help clients by maximizing tax refunds to meet financial growth goals.

They ensure that their clients comply with regulations by forwarding information to local authorities. They evaluate tax regulations and provide you with suggestions that diminish the tax burden. They also help you keep track of trends in the industry and changes in taxes.

Now that you have a basic idea of what tax accountants do, let us consider a few factors that might influence how much you might be charged.

Cost of Hiring Tax Accountants

Hiring a professional accountant for your taxes may vary based on your situation. Across Australia, the cost of hiring a tax accountant ranges from the amount of work required. The number of funds that would be retained will vary greatly depending on how reliable, efficient and capable they are. The role of the tax accountants is important and knowing the cost of hiring the right tax is equally as important.

Having a Budget for Tax Accounting

No doubt, setting aside a budget for your tax accounting will let your tax accountant know how much you are willing to spend. Making prior investigations on how prices vary based on your required service type is also essential. Acquiring the prior knowledge will help you greatly when negotiating prices with your tax accountant. Listed below are the different tax accountant service types and their average reported costs.


For registered businesses, you might need to have a tax accountant lodge a business activity statement(BAS) if you have registered for goods and services tax (GST). Your BAS report will also help in reporting and paying GST and a few other taxes.

Tax Return

This is the most popular tax accountant service type. Tax accountants who provide you with this service will ensure that you uncover as many tax deductions as possible to maximize the amount of tax that you receive back when the financial year ends.

Business Advisory

Your tax accountant will be providing you with financial planning services for your business, as well as sound investment advice.

The Structure of Your Business

The way your business is structured can also impact the tax accountant’s charges because tax requirements differ based on the structure of the business. If you own a Company, you may be charged and small to large fee depending on the work required.

Personal or Company Revenue

Another factor that could influence how tax accountant Stanhope Gardens may charge you is based on your annual company turnover or personal revenue. Before a tax accountant views your job request, they will first take into consideration what your income is like. If your earnings are between $0 and $100,000 or over , you might be charged depending on the hours is required . Your income will usually influence how you will be charged so it’s better to do a prior investigation so you can know what to expect.

Frequent Check-ins

Checking in with your tax accountant more frequently will be to your advantage. If convenient for you, it would help to check in monthly. Doing that will help you review whatever financial issues you might have and help you properly channel your money. Your tax accountant should be able to provide proper advice on how to improve your savings and minimize financial risks.

It doesn’t matter where you reside. Whether you hire tax accountant Stanhope Gardens or not, it is important to make proper findings as regards to tax accountant fee. Know that the costs of hiring a tax accountant will differ depending on the situation. In certain circumstances, you may be charged more in consultation fees or overtime work.

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